These tips can help you manage your social networks in an easy way.

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Social media management is a practice that must be constantly monitored and analyzed as trends change and user preferences change. It is not something as simple as posting an image with a link and that's it. If so, many (including me) would have more success managing both our own social networks and those of our clients. 

Social networks are communication channels that allow us to generate more traffic to our website or blog and allow us to see what is being talked about our brands. It's a great way to stay in touch with our audience in a more direct way.

Whether you work as a community manager or you want to improve the management of your own social networks, here I share with you some tactics that can improve 100% the responses and interactions of users with the brands you manage or with your own accounts.

5 social media management tactics that will make you stand out  

1. Include images and links: Although it is something that is already well known, I would not stop talking about this point, since it has been proven that there's a higher interaction rate in those publications that include an image. In social networks such as Twitter you can test with a publication that has an image and a link and another one that does not. You only have to check the analytics to realize this. 

2. Follow current trends: According to this Cumboto Digital publication, by 2021, content remixes such as Instagram Reels and Tik Tok publications will continue to be in force, in addition to the use of memes, social gaming and live content.

3. Avoid audience saturation: sharing a lot of content in a short time, or rather, posting all the time on a social network can make your audience bored. In fact, of course, it all depends on which social network you are on. On Twitter, for example, it is not necessary to tweet every hour, just as on Facebook it will not always be necessary to post several times a day. It is necessary to understand that quality is better than quantity.

4. Avoid talking only about yourself or your brand: in social media management some of us often make the mistake of talking only about ourselves. If you spend your time talking only about your company, your brand, what you do, people will lose interest. Share interesting content about your industry, which brings value to users and is useful to them.

5. Be sure to publish at the right time: there are free and paid tools that allow you to check the best time to post on social networks, for example, Metricool allows you to see the best posting times for Facebook and Instagram. Always check this so that you have a better performance in your publications.  

Trends for 2022

These are some other trends in social media management for 2022:   

  • Tit Tok will be the leading social network
  • Short videos
  • Metaverses will gain strength
  • Customer service in social networks
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