All of us at some point have criticized others without knowing the damage our words can cause.

Although this website is dedicated to digital marketing, I want to talk about a topic that is important for anyone who is thinking of starting their own project or who is already doing so. Being an entrepreneur includes not only financial, operational, and marketing aspects, but also certain skills and attitudes.

Projects, businesses, undertakings, whatever you want to call them, require perseverance, effort, falling and getting up on more than one occasion, and possibly postponing certain things (each case is unique). I decided to share my little experience on this occasion because perhaps many find themselves in similar situations and have no one to talk to about their concerns (or vent). I'm talking about DEALING WITH CRITICISM.

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There is more to success than money or fame, it involves a spiritual component as well as personal development. To grow, you must work on yourself, and as a result, whatever you undertake grows and flourishes as well. It doesn't have to be a start-up or a store, it can be something simpler, such as planting a garden, losing weight, organizing a birthday party, or learning a new skill.

What's more, whatever you're doing right now, you may fall, procrastinate for some reason you cannot understand, delay your project until it gathers dust, or some unforeseen event may occur that takes you out of the way. Because the road to success is not a straight line, but filled with potholes and curves.

The criticism comes painfully from those closest to us, those we value and want most. Any comment that may seem innocent, but that deep down is bothering you can be said in a mocking tone (although that does not necessarily imply that there is evil).

Human beings (including myself) have this tendency to assume we know what others should do. As if we had the magic formula or had already achieved the same result, we cannot resist the urge to say "what you need to do is this or that..." to someone working towards a goal.

I do not mean that advice from someone we love is unwelcome. My point is that we should respect other people's processes, support them, encourage them to continue, be there when they fall, listen more and speak less.

When people strive to create change in their lives, they must remember that they are changing their environment, which may directly or indirectly push others out of their comfort zones. As a result, they will sometimes have to deal with hurtful or annoying words. Here are some thoughts that have helped me and may also encourage you to move forward based on my experience.

What to do when you are criticised and how to keep walking in the direction you want

  • Know yourself: it may sound very cliché, but the truth is that many times we forget who we are, what we like, which path we have traveled and we allow the criticism of others to affect us and even paralyze us. If anything has helped me in recent months, it is recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, without judging, just accepting myself as I am. I have lights and I have shadows, that doesn't make me bad or good. I think that when you are clear about that, what others say stops having so much importance, because in the end, you know everything you have fought for and everything you have had to face on your way. As we Dominicans say: "only the knife knows the heart of the pumpkin".
  • Recognize yourself: I learned this expression from Mr. Vinicio Almonte. For a long time I heard phrases like "look in the mirror and say positive affirmations to yourself, etc". For some reason, I always had a certain resistance to that. So one day I was in a program that transformed my life and I noticed that Vinicio always used that word. I like it. It's about recognizing your achievements, giving yourself that pat on the back, because you can't expect others to do it if you don't start with yourself.
  • Avoid comparing yourself with others: everyone has their own growth process. Your own path and your own life are different from those of others. If you make the mistake of comparing yourself to others, you will always lose out. I made that mistake and my own self-esteem suffered the consequences.
  • Make a list of your achievements: the more, the better. Many times, our worst enemies are ourselves through minimizing what we have achieved and being our own critics. Make a list of the things you have achieved, no matter how big, and recognize yourself for it. A long time ago I accepted negative feedback and this affected me a lot until I began to recognize my achievements.
  • Learn to identify where the criticism comes from: I believe a lot in spirituality and in the fact that we attract into our lives those who vibrate in line with us. I always ask myself, "are these words of truth coming from this person, or am I the one who is criticizing myself through theirs?" He may seem crazy to many, but many times others are a mirror to show us where we sabotage ourselves.
  • Keep going: the most important thing is this, keep going. The fear of being criticized is paralyzing. Don't stop, if you have to restart, do it again.

These tips have helped me a lot to deal with the harsh words of others and have allowed me to see all those positive things that I have. I hope they help you too and keep going. Tell me how you deal with criticism.


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